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Repairs and Restorations


The primary purpose of our workshop is the restoration, preparation, and servicing of Heritage Guns, Cases and Accessories. However we are always pleased to take on repairs and restoration of our customers guns.

We would be delighted to provide an estimate for any work, from a strip, clean and rebuild to a full restoration. For a firm quote, due to the individual nature of each fault, examination will be required in our workshops.

Naturally, working with guns that have already served as many as 5 generations of shooters, we nearly always discover further issues when commencing work on an antique weapon and reserve the right to review the work list and price accordingly.

Where there is additional cost involved, we will always discuss this with the owner before commencing work.

Our particular specialities are:

TIG welded sleeving (the, so called, 'invisible sleeving');

Replacement pins and re-engraving of pins, furniture and barrels;

Action regulation;

Browning, Bluing and Blacking;

Stock refinishing, replacement, repairs and alterations;


We have become well known for the quality of our work so it will come as no surprise that our policy is to work up to a standard, not down to a price. However, this does not mean our prices are exorbitant and we think that they compare favourably with many gunsmiths working at our level.

A Few Sample Prices

Strip action, clean, lubricate, rebuild, from £120.00

TIG barrel sleeving, including proof, from £1400.00

TIG barrel re-sleeving of soft-solder sleeved gun, from £800.00

Barrel repairs (dents, pitting etc.), from £90.00

Re-proof of barrels (once inc. carriage to Proof House), from £99.00

Relay ribs & re-blacking, from £300.00

Replacements pins, including engraving, from £50.00 each

Browning, double gun, from £130.00

Blacking, double gun, from £120.00

Refreshing engraving on Barrels, Furniture and Pins from £250, please ask for a quote

Bluing pins & furniture, from £65.00 per set

Stock & forend refinish (chequering extra), from £199.00

Freshening chequering on stock & forend, from £250.00

Stock alterations, prices on application (and at customers risk)

All prices above are subject to VAT @ 20%.
This applies regardless of the country that the work is being invoiced to (Supply of Services VAT Rules).


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